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What does it take to go from being a kid who loves art to being a leading innovator in a Fortune 100 Company with 7,000 employees on five continents? If you ask Andres De Paz (US’07, C’11), he will humbly tell you his story. As a sophomore in high school, De Paz became the fourth...

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Zacher Lewis (US’13, C’17) Portfolio Accounting Associate, Fisher Investments A business administration and economics double major and a Phi Alpha Eta (honor society) graduate, Zacher took full advantage of support from Principia faculty across the liberal arts curriculum. “I came into college with a love of math and science, and a desire to further develop my analytical skills,” Zacher comments... Read More

Meredith Hamilton (US’13, C’17) Elementary School Teacher, Teach for America An English and political science double major with a minor in Spanish, Meredith Hamilton is passionate about education, which led her to become a Teach for America corps member at Stege Elementary in Richmond, California, where she teaches four- and five-year-olds. “Education is key to ending the cycle of poverty in low... Read More

Seth Cadell (C'07) Assistant Professor and Senior Researcher, Oregon State University After a childhood working alongside his dad building custom farm machinery in Oregon, Seth Cadell had all the skills he needed to earn good paychecks in the building trades. So he skipped college and worked in construction— until, he says, he “got bored” after five years and decided to follow his younger sister... Read More

Esteban Xifré-Villar (US'07, C'11) Senior Associate, Global Intelligence Operations Center, PricewaterhouseCoopers While majoring in business and economics at Principia College, Esteban Xifré-Villar interned in California at JumpSport Inc.—which opened a door on the world. Following graduation, he helped JumpSport get its Fitness Trampoline into Spanish-speaking markets in Peru, Colombia, Chile... Read More

Emily Moeller-Prom (C’08) Execution Planning Advisor, ExxonMobil Participating in Principia’s 3+2 dual-degree engineering program, MoellerProm earned a BS in engineering science (with minors in math and chemistry) from Principia in 2008 and a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2009. “The small class sizes in Principia’s chemistry and math courses gave me a better... Read More