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In some cases, longstanding tenure in a job signifies little more than dogged determination. But at Principia College, the two decades of service required for faculty and staff to achieve emeriti status signals something far deeper and more enduring than mere stamina. It indicates commitment to the Christ-idea in education. To date, Principia recognizes 69 emeriti of the College. Most are from... Read More

More than 800 people attended Principia’s College reunion last month—from a six-week-old baby to an alum who enrolled at the College in 1939. Renewing old friendships and making new ones filled the weekend, along with great entertainment and, of course, education. In fact, while attending classes, Kendra Nordin (C’93) had what she called “one of those perfect little Prin moments when you go, ‘Oh... Read More

Presented annually, the Principia Alumni Association David K. Andrews Distinguished Alumni Award (affectionately known as the DKA Award) recognizes alumni who have rendered outstanding service to others in the spirit and example set by David K. Andrews. That’s exactly what Rob Ostenberg (US’65, C’69) has don The values Principia reinforced for Rob when he was a student at the Upper School and... Read More