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A look back at Summer Session: Unfoldment in Thought, Enfolded in Love

I feel richer than I was two weeks ago. I know better who I am.

It was a spiritual experience for me. I feel closer to God.

Much more rewarding than a holiday!

Encapsulating the spirit of lifelong learning (and doing), Principia’s Summer Sessioners are bubbling with enthusiasm over their recent experience on the bluffs above Elsah.

Participants were full of praise for the School, College, and visiting faculty who taught the courses, ranging from music appreciation to current politics and from Bible study to creative writing and art.  Morning chapels and evening talks and entertainment programs were extremely well attended and much appreciated.One student who has attended at least a dozen Summer Sessions couldn’t say enough about the teachers’ “amazing knowledge, enthusiasm, and wit.”

First time attendee Tina Blackwell of Hayesville, North Carolina, was only able to stay for one week, but she says she can’t stop “singing the praises of Principia Lifelong Learning.” She had heard about Summer Session for many years and finally took the plunge—and has absolutely no regrets!

"I’ve had such unfoldment in thought,” Blackwell says. But more than that, she appreciates being “enfolded in the love expressed by everyone—from the pickup at the airport, through the week, right up to the drop-off."

Along with enjoying the classes and activities, many appreciate the opportunity to make new friends. “Each time I get to know so many new people, and we all share much in common,” says one repeat sessioner.