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David K. Andrews Distinguished Alumni Award

The David K. Andrews Distinguished Alumni Award (affectionately known as the DKA Award) recognizes alumni who have rendered outstanding service to others through professional or civic contributions or through distinguished service to the Cause of Christian Science or to Principia. Established in 1994, the award honors the spirit and example set by David K. Andrews, who served Principia for decades in a variety of roles, including teacher, coach, principal, headmaster, and president of both campuses.

View the eligibility and criteria for the DKA Award and learn about past recipients.

Athletic Hall of Fame Award

The purpose of the Gold & Blue athletic awards is to acknowledge the coaches, teams, and athletes who have made exceptional contributions to the history of Principia College athletics. The Blue Award recognizes those who achieved notable and widely respected levels of athletic achievement while at Principia College. The Gold Award honors student-athletes who demonstrated exceptional character, commitment, and leadership at Principia College and after graduation. View the eligibility and criteria for the Hall of Fame awards and see a list of previous inductees.

Young Alumni Recognition

Young Alumni Recognition honors established and emerging leaders among Principia’s young alumni. To be eligible, nominees should have had a significant impact on and/or demonstrated significant success in their professions or communities, and they must have graduated from the Upper School or College no more than 20 years ago.

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