College Reunion: A Weekend of Smiles

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More than 500 people attended Principia’s College reunion last month—from a nine-month-old baby to an alum who enrolled at the College in 1935. Renewing old friendships and making new ones filled the weekend, along with great entertainment and, of course, education. In fact, one reunioner who enjoyed the classes said, “Delving into different topics was deeply refreshing and got me thinking about literature, the United States presidency, and art—all in one day.’”

Attendees also took advantage of a wide range of activities beyond the classroom, such as golf, tennis, a 5K Fun Run, and evenings in the observatory. The solar car team shared insight on the design and construction of Ra 9, Principia’s newest car, and all earlier versions of the solar car were on display in Holt Gallery, depicting the evolution of the technology and design. In addition, many alums performed in the weekend’s theatre presentation or choir concert.

Principia President Jonathan Palmer (C’78) shared updates, outlining events and progress on both campuses, and three longtime faculty members were made honorary members of the Alumni Association: Dr. Joe Ritter, Dr. Duncan Charters, and Dr. Marie Jureit-Beamish. In addition, the David K. Andrews (DKA) Alumni Award was presented to Dr. George Moffett (C’65) and Warren Clinton (C’65), and Dr. Moffett spoke in the Chapel on Saturday morning, addressing Principia College’s unique place in the field of higher education.

The Classes of 1964 and 1965 were celebrating their 50th Reunion, so it was a special treat for two members of their group to receive DKA awards. They also presented a special gift to Principia—just over $617,000 to establish the George D. Moffett Endowed Student Aid Fund, which will benefit students attending the College. (The fund will remain open for contributions from anyone wishing to donate in Moffett’s honor.) As has become the custom, 50th Reunioners arrived a day early and enjoyed several events designed for them, including tours of the St. Louis Art Museum and Missouri Historical Society and lunch at a St. Louis restaurant owned by a Principia alum. “The abundance of exciting activities, delicious meals, and care and consideration during the entire stay, made this reunion year an awesome experience,” one member of the 50th group said.

Under the umbrella of the larger reunion, several affinity group reunions took place as well—for men’s and women’s tennis, solar car, theatre and dance, Howard House, and Anderson East. By all accounts, these gatherings were a hit. “Everyone expresses so much love here,” said one Howard House alum. “I’ve been smiling all weekend!”