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Montreal, Quebec (embarkation port)

Montreal is a magnificent city that blends North American charisma with European charm. A UNESCO City of Design and home to Mount Royal—the three-peaked mountain from which the city takes its name—Montreal is both a cultural and natural wonder.

Quebec City, Quebec

Where the St. Charles River meets the St. Lawrence, old-world European charm seeps into the heart of French Canada—elegant squares, a wonderful “joie de vivre,” and winding cobbled streets. North America’s only walled city is home to an array of architectural gems, such as the much-photographed Château Frontenac and the Parliament Building, whose design is reminiscent of 1850s France.

Saguenay, Quebec

Nestled in the remote wilderness of northern Quebec, Saguenay offers exquisite natural splendors with the added bonus of museums, artist workshops, and boutiques. Positioned in Canada’s breathtaking Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, a bounty of scenic attractions await nearby, such as the majestic Saguenay Fjord—the only navigable fjord in North America—and Saguenay National Park.

Sept-Îles, Quebec

Following World War II, Sept-Îles grew and developed as it became one of Canada’s most important port cities. Nowadays, the port is renowned for its pristine natural attractions, with beaches, hiking trails, and secluded hideaways dotting the astounding seven-island archipelago that guards this beautiful city from the sea.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Founded by Great Britain in 1749, British military vibes and Scottish traditions are alive and well here. As the capital of Nova Scotia and the biggest city of the Maritime Provinces, Halifax manages to evoke a small-town charm with the thriving spirit of its heritage. Citadel Hill, a star-shaped fortress, pays homage to its roots with military-clad guides and ceremonial guns fired daily, and the restored waterfront is an inviting scene for entertainment, restaurants, and shops.

Saint John, New Brunswick

Known as the Loyalist City, Saint John was established by those escaping the Revolutionary War. The city is nestled upon the bluff-lined shores where the St. John River rushes into the Bay of Fundy. Remarkable red-brick architecture and 19th century, Victorian-style buildings are some of the city’s most delightful features, while the bizarre Reversing Falls, a daily tidal phenomenon that reverses the flow of the Saint John River, is a favorite with many.  

Bal Harbor, Maine

With Acadia National Park at its backdoor, its rocky shoreline edging the sparkling blue waters of Frenchman Bay, and towering granite cliffs, Bar Harbor boasts some of the Eastern Seaboard’s most stunning vistas—making it easy to see why it has enchanted the likes of the Rockefellers, Astors, and Vanderbilts for over two centuries. Today, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts flock to this seaside paradise.

Boston, Massachusetts

From the colonial Georgian elegance of Beacon Hill and the iconic revolutionary landmarks along the Freedom Trail to the beauty of Boston Common—America’s oldest public park—New England’s largest city abounds with history and architectural grandeur. Skyscrapers dwarf storied landmarks, while shopping, dining, and glorious scenery afford excellent ways to experience one of America’s oldest and most influential cities.  

Newport, Rhode Island

Perhaps best known for its spectacular coastal scenery and sumptuous Gilded Age mansions modeled after European palaces, Newport is a charming, renowned New England resort city. Opulent summer homes built along its shores include two famous 19th-century Vanderbilt estates, Marble House and The Breakers. 

New York, New York (disembarkation port)

Disembark your luxury cruise ship in New York, the "city that never sleeps." Packed with spectacular museums, elaborate theaters, and world-class restaurants and shops, the options for activities in New York are endless and exceptional. Containing the center of world commerce—Wall Street—the iconic Statue of Liberty, and innumerable hidden secrets waiting to be discovered, New York deserves its reputation as one of the world’s truly great cities.