2018–2019 Upcoming Trips

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Greece: Footsteps of the Apostle Paul

Explore some of the most beautiful and inspiring biblical sites in Greece and gain deeper insight into Acts and Paul’s letters as you trace his likely paths in ancient Philippi, Corinth, Thessaloniki, and Athens. You’ll also cruise the Aegean Sea to the Greek islands and significant early Christian sites. Add your name to our waiting list.

Landscape Painting in Montana and Canada

Join Duncan Martin, Principia College Professor of Studio Art, on a painting adventure through Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies. Each day will include opportunities to paint the surrounding landscape with instruction from Professor Martin. Highlights include visits to Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and Wateron Glacier International Peace Park—two UNESCO World Heritage Sites—a trip in vintage Jammer buses along Going-to-the-Sun Road, and visits to four National Parks in Montana, Alberta, and British Columbia. The trip ends with a day painting at Lake Louise near Banff. Register today.

Iceland Adventure

Join Chuck Wilcoxen on a trek through Iceland, one of the most unique hiking destinations in the world. This land of fire and ice includes trails that wind through bizarre, Dr. Seuss-type landscapes, leading to volcanic areas with geysers, lava fields, boiling springs, and steamy fumaroles or to waterfalls and immense glaciers. From Iceland's capital, Reykjavík, we’ll venture to four different areas, each offering amazing hiking opportunities immersed in natural beauty. Most days will find us hiking seven to 10 miles on varied terrain, so this trip is suitable for all hikers in good physical condition. Add your name to our waiting list.

Allure of Autumn: From Montreal to New York

Enjoy the allure of autumn with Linda Conradi on a 10-night luxury cruise down North America’s Atlantic Coast. We’ll experience the blend of North American and European charm in the cities of Montreal and Quebec City, admire the emerald mountains of Saguenay, sail across the magnificent Gulf of Lawrence to immerse ourselves in British and Scottish traditions in Halifax, and continue through the curious reversing river of Saint John before crossing into the United States. We’ll also visit Acadia National Park, explore America’s revolutionary history on Boston’s renowned Freedom Trail, and relax in New England’s own European-style resort city of Newport before disembarking in New York City. Register today.

Timeless Cuba

Enjoy a week-long luxury cruise with John Williams, Principia College Professor of Political Science, through the heart of this once-forbidden island nation. From Miami, board the Insignia and sail to Havana, Cuba’s largest city and the epicenter of the nation’s lively lifestyle. In Havana, you’ll go beyond the typical tourist destinations, diving deep into the city’s 500 years of history and culture. From there, cruise to the astounding bayside city of Cienfuegos, a paragon of 19th century urban planning, and visit the southeastern cultural hub of Santiago de Cuba, the island’s second largest city. Register today.

Baltic and Scandinavian Treasures

Discover unforgettable sights—from opulent palaces and sparkling harbors to spire-crowned churches—on this 10-night luxury cruise through northern Europe with John Williams, Principia College Professor of Political Science. Departing from Stockholm, you’ll see Tallinn’s Gothic churches and gabled houses. Next, explore the glittering metropolis of St. Petersburg with its crisscrossing canals and elaborate palaces. Other stops include Helsinki, Riga (home of the Latvian National Museum of Art), and Klaipeda. The adventure concludes in Copenhagen, with the option of visiting the delightful former fishing village of Warnemünde or Germany’s culture-rich capital, Berlin. Register today.

Alaskan Adventure Family Cruise

Join Dr. Laurance Doyle and expert naturalists Mary Jane and Doug Hoff to discover the awesome beauty, abundant wildlife, and native cultures of Alaska's Inside Passage on this seven-night cruise aboard the Admiralty Dream. See the spray of whales only yards away, and learn surprising details about animal behavior, glacier activity, and the wealth of natural spectacles along these protected waters. Experience the beauty of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve as you cruise the pristine waters and see the sanctuary’s deep fjords, tidewater glaciers, and snow-capped mountain ranges. Visit a salmon hatchery, the Alaska Raptor Center, and Sitka National Historical Park, and take a guided tour of the Norwegian fishing community of Petersburg. Register today.

Galápagos Islands Cruise

Join Dr. Scott Eckert to explore the Galápagos Islands, where human presence is relatively minimal. Marvel at the flora and fauna, and observe with remarkable proximity a diversity of species, including boobies, giant tortoises, and marine iguanas. You can even snorkel among colorful tropical fish and playful sea lions or observe them through a glass-bottom boat. Secluded inlets, white sand beaches, and lush highlands are on the itinerary as well. The trip also includes visits to Quito’s ornate Jesuit church, La Compañía de Jesús, and to a curated collection of Pre-Columbian art. Add your name to our waiting list.

Lucerne and Salzburg Festivals

Castles, palaces, breathtaking scenery, engaging historic sites, and cultural treats—this musical tour of Lucerne, Salzburg, Munich, and Vienna is sure to delight! Dr. Marie Jureit-Beamish, Principia College Professor Emerita of Music and our trip leader, will select five concerts for the group to attend at the Festivals in Lucerne and Salzburg. Other highlights include Neuschwanstein Castle, cruising the Danube, and a visit to Mozart's birthplace. Innsbruck and Mondsee are on the itinerary as well. Immerse yourself in history, beauty, and classical music on this unforgettable European journey. Register today.

Great Pacific Northwest

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest—where the Columbia and Snake Rivers wind through gentle hills, imposing mountains, dramatic canyons, and fertile fields. The land looks today much as it did to Lewis and Clark in 1805: majestic and unspoiled. From the awe-inspiring beauty of the Columbia River Gorge to the cascading majesty of Multnomah Falls, the region’s unforgettable natural wonders and attractions will astound you. And while you’re cruising the river aboard the American Empress, a luxurious paddlewheel steamboat, Clark Beim-Esche will deliver lively lectures on some of the greatest American achievements in art, poetry, architecture, and government. Add your name to our interest list.