Prepared for a Career in the Film Industry

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Abbie Steckler (C’15)
Postproduction Editor, Klutch Creative
Founder and CEO, Pine Rock Pictures

With the goal of pursuing a career in the film industry, Abbie designed an individualized major in film, supported by a minor in history. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, where she is finding exciting opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of today’s film industry. Currently, she works in the postproduction phase of the business at a boutique creative agency and production company.

“The technical training I received at Principia more than prepared me, but what is most important is actually having something to say,” Abbie notes. “The liberal arts foundation I got informs my filmmaking as I write and produce dramas, comedy shorts, music videos, and other projects. Completing the individualized major showed me how to piece different disciplines together, and this has been very helpful in filmmaking.”

Abbie’s history minor is playing a key role in her work as well. “My time at Principia helped me develop the research and writing skills necessary to convey ideas on film,” she says. “For example, I’m very interested in period pieces, and learning to do historical research was invaluable preparation.”

While at the College, Abbie pursued filmmaking at a relentless pace. “I made a film nearly every weekend,” she says, “and submitted work for the annual Film Festival. This regular practice taught me how to make films in the real world and how to collaborate effectively with others.”

“I’m very grateful for all the professors who supported and encouraged me,” Abbie adds. They made an extra effort to connect the subject matter with my interest in a film career. They were also incredible role models, exhibiting the idea of doing things very well.”